Rüloph Schlebusch


Birth Stats:

Date of Birth: 06 April 2006

Weight : 3.2kg

Length: 52cm

Favourite food: Milk


December 2006 :

Age: 8 months

Weight: 9.76kg

Length: 75cm

Favourite food: Purity, Yogurt, Finger Sponges, Flings and Biltong

Favourate drink: Milk and Rooibos


April 2007:

Age: 1 Year 2 Weeks

Weight: 11 kg

Length: 82cm

Favourite food:Toast, Yogurt, Flings and Biltong, Bread, Eggs, IceCream,

Favourate drink: Milk, Fruit Juice, Pink milkshake

September 2008:

Age: 2 Years 5 Months

Weight: 14 kg

Length: 95cm

Favourite food: Home coocking, Fish fingers, Ice Cream, apples Bananas, Tomato's Meat, Snakes(sausage)

Favourate drink: Milk, Fruit Juice, Water, Decaf,


Day 1